About the API

The API is intended to allow you access to your data programmatically for integration with third party and in-house applications in order to share, create and update your Membra data. Visit membra.fi to learn more about membra.

All URLs start with the root URL: https://api.membra.fi/v2.

'v2' represents the version number. If we update the version, we’ll update this number and continue to support those previous. If you were to make a request for all activities the URL would look like this: https://api.membra.fi/v2/activity. Please note that all requests to the Float API must be made over HTTPS.

The full details about each endpoint offered by our API can be found in the API Reference.

Data format

The service currently supports JSON. Until we support another data format, there is no need to send an Accept header.

Data types

The date format used is YYYY-MM-DD.

Decimal sign is a dot (.).


All requests to the Float API must be authenticated so that we can provide access to your data.

API key

When making a call to our API endpoints, you must supply a header for the API key.

Add the following HTTP header to your request:


MEMBRA_API_KEY is replaced by the actual api key, which is created in Membra’s Api key-settings.


All responses from the Float API are JSON.

A successful response will have the HTTP status code 200.

An error response will have a HTTP status code in the 4xx or 5xx series.

Example response

  "http_status": 200,
  "message_count": 1,
  "messages": [{
    "code": 1000,
    "text": "All fine"
  "count": 17,
  "type": "array",
  "data": [...],
  "total": "17"

The HTTP status code returned is also found in the value http_status.
message_count is the number of messages returned in the value messages.
count contains the number of data items returned.
type is the data type found in data
data contains any data that is returned.
total is the number of data items that the database request returned. It may only contain a value when pagination is used.